Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

[GTA IV] Install Car Mods with OpenIV

Difficulty - Easy
- the Freeware Program called "OpenIV" You can get it here:

Download a Car Mod
You can find several Links to Sites on the Right Sidebox of the Blog. In this Case i just used (if you already have a car just jump to Step 4)

1. On the Left side of the Site click on "Cars"
 2.  On the Next Site you can Choose a Car Brand
 3. In my Case i selceted BMW. Now You'll see a List of all Cars. Just Pick one and Click the Download Button

 4. Once your Download is finished just Open the Rar and extract everything to the Desktop

5. Now Open up OpenIV. Now a little Sceen should show up where you can select 3 Games. Select GTA IV. If you start it the First Time it will ask you about your GTA Path. It should be in C:Programm Files\Rockstar Games\GTA IV.  If you're done and everything is loaded it should look like this. Now just open the "models" Folder

6. Now you'll need to do 2 Things.
1) In order to change files and import stuff you have to set OpenIV into the Edit Mode. To do that simply click on "Edit Mode" on the Top Corner
2) After that open the "vehicles.img". thats where all the Cars,Boots,Trains ect are located.

7. Now you need to Open the Mod Folder you extracted earlier. Most of the Time you will find 3 Files in there. A ReadMe (befor you do anything read that!) and a wtd and wtf file (the name infront of the .wtd/.wtf is the car that the mod will replace. i.e taxi.wtd/ will replace the taxi)

8. Now simply Drag and Drop the wtd and wtf files into OpenIV like you see it on the Pic

9. You can close OpenIV now. The Model as well as the Textures are now in the Game and tecicly you could already play BUT WAIT. In most of the ReadMe's from Car Mods you will find a Handling as well as a Vehicle Line. Whats that you might ask. Well the handling.ide and the vehicle.ide are two text files that tells the game how the car behaves. And in order to have a great driving expirende you should edit them. Don't worry it's really easy. Just open the ReadMe and search for Lines that looks like these:
*Hint: Even if the ReadMe is in a diffrent language (in my Case Russian) you can easaly find the Lines

10: Now Minimize the ReadMe and go to your GTA 4 Installation Folder (standard: C:Programm Files\Rockstar Games\GTA IV and now open common/data and scroll down till you see the handling.ide and the vehicles.ide You can open them with Notepad.

11: Now simply search for the Lines you saw in the Readme and Copy and Paste them into the vehicles.ide and the handling.ide

 12: Now just save and Close.

You're done! You can now go into the Game and enjoy your Car Mod
If you have any questions just ask

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